What is vecko?

vecko by Eptica provides customer intelligence. The solution pinpoints action plans and empowers organisations and their employees to embed customer intelligence into their daily decisions. vecko delivers information, ideas and tools to make every customer experience a memorable one.

How to improve with customer intelligence?


Collect the complete voice of the customer across the entire customer journey

vecko collects the complete voice of the customer, analysing customer conversations in real-time as well as brand-administered feedback: chat, email, speech to text, social media, satisfaction surveys.


Capture customer intelligence and go beyond customer knowledge to understand what your customers are really saying

The Artificial Intelligence embedded in vecko guarantees a 95% + reliability of customer conversation analysis, extracting real customer intelligence leading to a deeper understanding of customer behaviour, emotions, risks of churn, intents, etc.

vecko is a multichannel solution which easily integrates with all conversational platforms and feedback programmes. The acquired customer knowledge smoothly feeds the CRM data.


Share action plans across the entire organisation, working together to improve the customer experience

Build customer loyalty by improving your scores (CSAT, LTR, NPS, etc). Through simple to use dashboards and built-in alerting, all departments can identify tactical and strategic priority actions.

Improve your customers’ mood through emotional intelligence. vecko is the only solution to successfully analyse emotions in the voice of the customer, and to provide new dashboards which determine the proportion of each key emotion aroused in your customers: fear, disappointment, anger, satisfaction, astonishment, surprise, etc. Through customer conversation analysis, vecko uncovers the real reason behind these emotions, enabling their improved management: reduce those emotions which generate churn and increase the positive ones which lead to customer loyalty and stimulate buying behaviour.


Transform company operations and achieve immediate ROI based on customer intelligence.

Measure results and continually improve the experience you provide. With vecko, immediately measurable ROIs help deliver positive and lasting improvement to your organisation’s growth and operations.

Democratise customer intelligence and transform the organisation!

A bad experience costs money and spreads quickly
50% of customers tell their friends about it and 15% provide feedback on a ratings site
Compared with detractors, promoters are 4.2x more likely to buy again
Compared with detractors, promoters are 7.2x more likely to try a new offering
Source : Temkin Group 2018

Companies are spending more on customer experience, but they want to see a clear link between investment and returns. Many current VoC solutions don’t provide this. By closer understanding of what customers are actually saying, brands can make a direct connection between the actions they take, and improvements to the bottom line – whether in reduced cost of customer management, turning detractors into promoters, lower cost of customer acquisition or higher amount and frequency of sales.

Transforming passive customers and detractors into promoters provides immediate ROI:

  • reduce retention costs because unhappy customers are expensive
  • reduce acquisition costs because happy customers will talk to others about you
  • increase revenue because happy customers tend to spend more

Our mission:

To share customer intelligence with all departments: management, customer service, customer loyalty, marketing, sales and post-sales, operations and stores, quality control, etc. through personalised dashboards specific to each role.

ROI for marketers

Today’s sales process spans multiple channels and devices. Consumers have more and more questions, and expect brands to be open and transparent if they are to buy from them. These questions are an invaluable mine of data for marketing teams – providing insight into the mind of the consumer and showing what they are interested in. Acting on this information is vital to making the sales process and targeting effective (campaign qualification), reducing abandoned transactions and ensuring you are meeting customer needs.

  • Promotional Offer
  • Products
  • Branding
  •  Newsletter (Opt-in & Opt-out)

ROI for loyalty and retention

Reducing churn means understanding the irritants that cause customers to leave – and fixing them. These issues may not be picked up by traditional VoC surveys as angry customers simply move to the competition. Turning neutral or negative customers into positive promoters of your brand doesn’t just bring loyalty – vitally, it boosts brand reputation with the wider market.

  • Members Loyalty Programme
  • Loyalty Card
  • Account
  • Loyalty Points

ROI for customer service

Failing to respond to, or to solve, problems on the customer journey leads to consumer dissatisfaction and an increased volume of contacts and higher costs. Understanding the pain points across the customer journey and fixing them is therefore vital to reducing avoidable customer contact, helping efficiency and customer satisfaction. Based on key insights gained through customer intelligence, brands can, for example, include new self-service offerings to better meet customer needs.

  • Receiving my Order
  • Product Issues
  • Calling Customer Service
  • Claims

ROI for digital and ecommerce teams

Unlike in the physical world, where shop assistants can step in and offer assistance, the online customer journey is solely driven by the consumer – they control its direction and speed. This means that any problems at specific touchpoints can cause them to give up and move to a rival. Analysing the questions they ask when looking for assistance enables e-commerce teams to better plan the customer journey to make it seamless and straightforward, boosting sales and reducing the cost of customer acquisition. Using real-time conversations and vecko’s text analytics capabilities, ecommerce and digital teams can easily identify specific issues that are related to security, payment or promotional codes, for example, fix these bugs quickly and consequently improve the online shopping experience.

  • Ordering Online
  • Promotional Code
  • Modify, Exchange & Cancel Order
  • Delivery