About vecko!

Our mission at Eptica is to transform companies through customer intelligence to create memorable experiences which lead to happy and loyal customers.

vecko by Eptica helps companies create happier and loyal customers, grow faster, reduce costs and improve their customer centricity.

vecko captures in real time customer conversations and enhances them, with artificial intelligence specifically adapted to digital conversations.

Companies that trust us win through customer intelligence. With vecko, brands have a solution which will both manage and continually improve their customer experience. vecko empowers organisations and their employees to embed customer intelligence into their daily decisions.

The customer experience can be transformed through immediately actionable customer intelligence.

The gap between collecting customer feedback and actually using it can be vast. Voice of the Customer programmes in many organisations therefore simply revolve around metrics such as IRC or NPS, tracking how these rise or fall. While this tells you how happy your customers are and how likely they are to recommend you, it doesn’t give a deeper understanding into the reasons behind the numbers.

Looking at the Why? by analysing what your clients say, both directly and indirectly, when in conversation with your brand provides a deeper intelligence that is actionable. By using this intelligence you can make key changes that improve your operations and consequently retention, sales and service levels.

The AI in vecko delivers actionable insight, essential for transforming customer experience. For example, Voice of the Customer programmes provide information such as:

  • My NPS score fell by 15 points this month
  • 20% of my customers are requesting refunds

vecko delivers actionable intelligence that enables you to implement concrete action plans, such as:

  • 30% of detractors complain about the lack of assistants on the shop floor
  • The lack of assistants on the shop floor causes a decrease of 16 points on the NPS
  • 20% of customers request a refund on an item missing from their order

vecko’s AI ushers in a new era where the voice of the customer is integrated into organisations. Collecting and acting on customer intelligence is a key goal of brands. But existing technologies and solutions have held them back – just 42% of companies interviewed by Forrester said they used software to support their VoC programme (Source: Forrester Wave Customer Feedback Management Platforms). 60% of brands analyse VoC in a traditional or partial way (Source: Eptica customer research Q1 2018).

vecko is the result of Eptica’s 15+ year investment in artificial intelligence, using the best technologies available such as Natural Language Processing, text analytics and Machine Learning to bring brands new opportunities of growth and development through customer insight. Eptica’s AI is able to automate the analysis of vast amounts of information, both structured and unstructured, and go beyond text to provide insight into customer emotion and sentiment.

Eptica’s technology strengths and customer focus have led to its inclusion in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for the past eight years.