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The new era of customer intelligence. Create memorable experiences
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About vecko
  • SEE

    A holistic view across the entire customer journey experience covering both conversations (social, email, chat, speech-to-text) and feedback (surveys).


    Uncover the real reasons behind customer dissatisfaction and satisfaction by analysing customer conversations, identifying key topics, intents and risks, opinions and emotions.

  • ACT

    Make it easy for all departments to identify priority actions and gain real value from customer insight, through easy to use dashboards and built-in alerts.


    Transform operations based on customer intelligence, measure the results and close the feedback loop by improving the experience you provide.

vecko by Eptica empowers organisations and their employees
to embed customer intelligence into their daily decisions
to improve customer experience.

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Why do they love vecko?

Anne-Sophie Pouyau

Head of International Customer Service, Groupe L'Occitane

Where vecko goes further is on the analysis of emotions. It understands if a customer is angry, or happy. This corresponds to a real need for us to better know and serve our customers.

Candice Cheval

Head of Customer Loyalty and Operations, Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance

Before vecko we could view satisfaction scores, but weren’t able to really hear the voice of our customers. With Eptica’s AI we have reduced detractors and turned them into promoters in less than 3 months.

[Video] Discover how to win the challenge of personalised experience across the entire journey through customer intelligence

Without customer intelligence, providing a memorable customer experience across the entire customer journey would be very complicated indeed...

vecko is the complete customer voice

vecko synthethises the complete voice of the customer, capturing real-time customer conversation as well as brand-solicited feedback (chat, email, speech to text, social media, satisfaction surveys).

vecko is reliability

vecko guarantees 95%+ reliability of customer conversation analysis through use of embedded Artificial Intelligence (AI), providing real, actionable customer intelligence on patterns, emotions, risks of churn, intents, etc.

vecko is action

vecko was created to give you deeper insight into your customers’ behaviour and their thoughts on your brand, products and services. Build customer loyalty by analysing the reasons and impact of customer satisfaction and act upon your metric scores (NPS, CSAT, LTR, etc).

vecko is emotion

vecko is the only solution to successfully analyse emotions in customer conversations as well as their behaviour throughout the customer journey. You can finally get inside your customers’ heads and understand their frame of mind and experience of your organisation. Improve your customers’ mood!

vecko is unlimited

vecko democratises the customer voice: unlimited users share this insight across your organisation, informing strategic and operational actions by the executive committee and all departments, e.g. marketing, sales, customer services, customer loyalty, e-commerce, operations, quality control, etc.

vecko generates immediate ROI

vecko positively impacts organisations’ long-term growth and and business models through immediate and clearly identifiable ROIs.